Over the past few decades, hair loss in men and women is becoming a very common thing. By the time, human beings reach the age of 50, they start losing their hair, some even sooner. One of the most common types of hair loss seen in Kenya men is Androgenic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness. Other causes of hair loss in men might be medications, dietary habits, stress, and so on. While we can’t prevent the loss of hair; we can consult a dermatologist for some advice on the best hair loss products in Kenya. They might help us with the right medication and treatment, which can stop baldness to a certain extent. We shouldn’t avail of any hair loss treatment or hair loss product, without consulting a doctor. 

The root cause of Androgenic Alopecia is genetic. When you visit a doctor, he/she would study the pattern of hair loss and diagnose the male pattern baldness. Medical exams are done to rule out health conditions and help in deciding the best hair fertilizer in Kenya. In case, you don’t have any idea about Alopecia, you don’t need to freak out. Male pattern baldness is the result of a chemical reaction between the oil glands present in the hair follicles and male hormones testosterone. When testosterone changes into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a reaction that causes hair follicles to fall off. Well, a wide range of hair loss products are available in the market to fight the formation of DHT. 

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Before going for any hair loss products in Kenya check out if it contains pro-vitamin B5, palmetto zinc, and or biotin. Do you want to stop hair loss? You can go for two FDA approves drugs, such as Rogaine and Propecia with Proscar. One can order Rogaine online or buy it over-the-counter. Even with some allopathic hair loss products, it becomes easy to fight hair loss. If these hair loss products fail to solve your problem, you should consider other options, such as hair transplants. A hair transplant should be considered as the last resort when all available options fail. A doctor would diagnose the root cause behind the hair loss and offer remedies.

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